JON STEWART: Bush Administration Is Winklevoss Twins Of Killing Bin Laden

stewart bin laden

The Bush Administration trotted out the troops on the weekend news programs to take credit for the Obama administration’s killing of Osama bin Laden.

Karl Rove was there. John Yoo was there. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfled, Dough Feith, Condoleezza Rice, Dana Perino, and so on.

The result?

“Democrats, you can’t engage the Republicans on their turf,” Jon Stewart said on Tuesday night’s Daily Show. “The blame game ends up with Obama, and the credit game, f*ck, we all know where that’s going.”

Cue talking heads giving props to Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

“They took it back to Reagan,” Stewart said. “The guy responsible for funding the Taliban in the first place! How do you… it’s mind boggling.”

“Why are we listening to the Bush Administration people anyway? They didn’t get bin Laden. They are like the Winklevoss twins of getting bin Laden. If you were the guys who were going to kill bin Laden, you would have killed bin Laden.”