Jon Stewart Mocks How MSNBC And Fox News Covered The Inauguration

Jon Stewart

Photo: Comedy Central

The second day of Daily Show host’s Jon Stewart’s inauguration coverage took a brutal look at how MSNBC, Fox News and CNN covered Monday’s events.How did MSNBC cover the event? By remarking about its “massive crowd.” Fox, on the other hand, noted a “much smaller crowd than four years ago.” CNN, meanwhile, was too preoccupied with Michelle Obama’s dress to notice.

“It’s Woodstock! No, it’s Woodstock ’99!” Stewart quipped of the difference between MSNBC and Fox.

But the networks did get into a little coverage of President Barack Obama’s speech. Stewart cut to separate clips of MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart and Fox News’ Pat Buchanan talking about the significance of Obama’s mention of gay rights and Stonewall. Buchanan did not think it deserved to be mentioned in Obama’s speech.

“For the losing side of history, I’m Pat Buchanan,” Stewart said.

But what was “most remarkable to Stewart” was the difference between networks’ coverage of Obama’s speech and what it actually was.

“What is remarkable to me is — even when articulating his most full-throated liberal ideals — how different actual Barack Obama is from the bizarro, bogeyman, empty-chair Obama who lives only in the minds of his opponents,” Stewart said.

He showed clips of conservative commentators lashing out at Obama’s unfulfilled plans to remove guns and God from the U.S. “How would he celebrate this momentous occasion?” Stewart said. He then cut to a comprehensive montage of all the mentions of God and the various weaponry used to mark Inauguration Day.

Watch the clip below: 

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