Jon Stewart Reams Into Fox News Over Benghazi Coverage: 'You Have A History Of Hysteria'

Jon Stewart Benghazi Fox News

With the investigations into the terrorist attack in Benghazi last September gaining new steam in Congress, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart dug into coverage of the attacks that has become ripe with partisanship. 

In particular, Stewart went after Fox News, which has devoted extensive time on its network to covering the aftermath of the attacks and the questions on how the Obama administration handled it

Stewart surmised, however, that though the network highlighted the lack of media outrage over the topic, Fox News itself wasn’t sure of what it wanted others to be outraged about.

Congress has held nine hearings on Benghazi. Stewart played clips previewing many of them through the months on Fox, each of which promised more explosive revelations than the last. 

Stewart also played a lot of clips that showed Fox anchors hedging with “what if.”

“You can’t understand why everyone else isn’t as outraged as you, when it’s because the rest of us aren’t sure if what you’re saying is true,” Stewart said. “And to be quite frank, you do have some history of hysteria.” 

The last clip Stewart played came when “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy told Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) that it “sounds like a cover up,” but he wasn’t sure what the administration would be trying to cover up. Chaffetz couldn’t give a direct answer, either.

“You have no f—ing idea!” Stewart said.

Watch the full clips below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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