Jon Stewart Unloads: 'Congress Doesn't Care About Meals On Wheels Unless It Is Rolling Down An Aisle'

Jon Stewart flight delays sequester daily show

“The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart ripped into Congress on Monday for the bill pushed through both houses last week that fixed mounting flight delays, suggesting that Congress will only fix what affects them.

Congress failed to avert the across-the-board budget cuts known as the sequester earlier this year, which have led to a variety of painful consequences — from furloughs to air traffic controllers to indiscriminate cuts to programs like Meals on Wheels.

But Stewart noted that when faced with the personal problem of flight delays, Congress crafted a bill that was so quickly formed that parts of it were hand-written.

“Congress doesn’t care about meals-on-wheels unless it is rolling down an aisle,” Stewart quipped. 

Stewart mocked the lawmakers hailing the bipartisanship that led to the bill being quickly passed through both houses of Congress. He coined the term “congratsturbating” — which, he said, was “creating a problem that affects millions of people, then congratulating oneself for fixing only the small part of the problem that affects you and then [expletive].”

Watch the clips below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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