WATCH: Jon Stewart Has Advice For Egyptian Protesters

Jon Stewart doled out advice to the Egyptian people on The Daily Show Tuesday, giving suggestions for their protests during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s trip to visit the newly-elected Egyptian president this week, when protestors chanted “Monica, Monica” and threw tomatoes at her motorcade.

“You’re mad at us when we prop up your dictator for 30 years, and now you’re mad at us when we go visit the guy you voted for?” Stewart asked sarcastically. “You supply one country’s military with tear gas canisters that they use on their own populace, and they never stop crying about it. Mainly because their tear ducts are damaged.”

Stewart went on to suggest that Egypt should take a hint from Greece, whose protesters throw yogurt, not “cliche” tomatoes. “It’s a protest statement and an expression of national pride,” he said. “[Throw] really any of the foods that came up when we searched Egyptian food on Wikipedia.”

But Stewart warned that, in the end, the only thing that American leaders bend to — the Kiss Cam.

Watch the segment below:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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