JON STEWART: How Many Of Us Have To Get Shot For Congress To Go To Lunch Together?

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart began his new attempt at civil discourse on The Daily Show last night by telling the New England Patriots to “suck it.”

But he quickly returned to the new Congressional civility reflecting on Congress’ decision to sit together at next week’s State of the Union address.

“Oh my God, you’re going to sit together for two hours? Hey! How many of us have to get shot for you f*ckers to go to lunch.?!”

And then there is the Health Care bill.  Democrats are taking issue with the Republican’s Health Care repeal bill being called “Repeal of the job killing health care law.”

The name change proposed by Speaker Boehner is “job-destroying.” (Seriously.)

“No no no!” said Stewart. “Dispute if it costs jobs! Not the most appropriate way to say it costs job!”

Video below.



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