Jon Stewart defends Samantha Bee after Trump suggested she should get fired for calling Ivanka a 'c---'

Getty ImagesJon Stewart and Samantha Bee.
  • Jon Stewart defended Samantha Bee in a question-and-answer session on Sunday after President Donald Trump called for her firing last week over her remarks about Ivanka Trump.
  • Bee drew criticism from the Trump administration and subsequently apologised after she called Ivanka a “feckless c—” on her TBS show, “Full Frontal.”
  • Stewart said the controversy surrounding Bee represented a “game” and “strategy” from right-wing politicians at large.

In the eyes of Jon Stewart, the backlash against Samantha Bee from the White House last week represented a “game” and “strategy” from right-wing politicians at large.

Bee faced intense criticism from President Donald Trump after she called his daughter Ivanka a “feckless c—” on her TBS show, “Full Frontal.”

Writing on Twitter, Trump asked why TBS wouldn’t fire Bee for “horrible language,” suggesting there was a double standard after ABC canceled “Roseanne” over a tweet by its star Roseanne Barr.

Stewart worked with Bee on “The Daily Show” from 2003 to 2015.

“Please understand that a lot of what the right does, and it’s maybe their greatest genius, is they have created a code of conduct that they police, that they themselves don’t have to, in any way, abide,” Stewart said during a question-and-answer session at the Clusterfest comedy festival on Sunday, as reported by The Daily Beast.

“It’s a game, it’s a strategy, and it’s working,” Stewart added.

Bee apologised for her remarks last week. Bee used the phrase in question during a segment urging the president’s daughter to “do something” about her father’s immigration policy that had resulted in the government separating some children living in the country illegally from their parents.

Stewart addressed Bee’s controversy and apology first by addressing “liberals” at large.

“Don’t get caught in a trap of thinking you can live up to a code of integrity that will be enough for the propagandist right,” he reportedly said. “There isn’t. And so, create your own moral code to live by, but don’t be fooled into trying to make concessions that you think will mollify them.”

Stewart then turned to Bee’s comments in particular.

“They don’t give a shit about the word ‘c—,'” Stewart reportedly said of the Trump administration. “That is probably – he says that instead of ‘please,’ I’m guessing,” he added of Trump.

As The Daily Beast notes, various reports since the 1980s have suggested Trump has used the derogatory word to describe women.

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