A petition urging Jon Stewart to moderate a presidential debate has suddenly caught fire

Jon stewart Rick Kerns for Getty ImagesJon Stewart hosting ‘The Daily Show’

While Trevor Noah is gearing up for his “Daily Show” hosting gig, eyes are still on Jon Stewart. And people want his voice back in politics.

Stewart hasn’t spoken much about what he has planned for his post-“Daily Show” career, other than that he’ll be hosting WWE’s “SummerSlam” on Sunday.

But earlier this week, a Change.org petition was created that asks the Commission on Presidential Debates “consider and provide the opportunity to Mr. Stewart to host one of the three major presidential debates directly preceding the 2016 election.”

Change.org said in a blog post that the petition became the fastest-growing on the site. On Wednesday morning, it had 6,000 signatures. By Friday morning, it had almost reached its goal of 150,000 signatures.

“Jon Stewart is more than qualified to tackle the moderating job,” the petitioner, New Jersey resident Mariel Waters, wrote. “Mr. Stewart has interviewed 15 heads of state, 22 members of the United States Cabinet, 32 members of the United States Senate, 7 members of the United States House of Representatives, and scores of other political leaders from this country and around the world.”

In an interview with the radio station New Jersey 101.5, Waters credited the petition idea to a couple of less popular petitions from 2012 that called on Stewart to host a debate.

“With Jon retiring from ‘The Daily Show’ and a presidential election a little over a year away, I though this would be a great opportunity to get the ball rolling again on this great idea,” Waters said.

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