Happy 15th Birthday, Daily Show! Here's A Look Back At Jon Stewart's Best Moments

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“The Daily Show” celebrated its 15th anniversary last Thursday.

Happy birthday!

To toast the Comedy Central program, we’re taking a look back at host Jon Stewart‘s best moments on the show.

From his very first intro to sitting down with President Barack Obama — these are the moments that have helped the show beat Jay Leno‘s “The Tonight Show” in ratings for the first time in a decade.

January 11, 1999: It all started with 'a hastily thrown together editorial change.'

December 13, 2000: On President George W. Bush's acceptance speech.

September 20, 2001: In his first episode after 9/11, Stewart went back to making us laugh.

September 6, 2005: Stewart returned from vacation to dole out blame for the devastating effects following Hurricane Katrina.

August 23, 2007: Explaining the 'War on Terror' through a magical history tour.

September 3, 2008: Talking sexism, media contradictions, and Sarah Palin.

March 4, 2009: Taking apart CNBC's (flawed) coverage of the financial crisis.

October 29, 2009: The White House vs. Fox News -- 'what the Fox?'

July 27, 2010: 'Best Leak Ever!'

September 16, 2010: We learn about the Rally to Restore Sanity.

October 4, 2010: Responding to Rick Sanchez's racist rant.

October 27, 2010: A sit-down with President Barack Obama.

April 7, 2011: Glenn Beck's departure announcement was prefect timing to show off Stewart's impersonation skills.

May 2, 2011: Reacting to the news and coverage of OBL's death...and its interruption of 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

June 7, 2011: A press conference to mock Rep. Anthony Weiner's confession-ridden press conference.

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