JON STEWART: CPAC Was Basically Just One Long Comedy Routine Roasting Obama

Jon Stewart

This year’s CPAC was less a political conference, and more of a roast of President Obama, said Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night.

All the Republicans brought their A-game.

“Obama might want to look into being president of Egypt.” said Ann Coulter. “No one would care if he was a Muslim then!”


On President Hu of China? “With all the money we owe China,” said Michelle Bachmann, “We might rightly say, ‘Hu’s Your Daddy?'”


The best moment was when Donald Trump came out on stage and said, “If I’m elected, America will be respected again.”

Jon Stewart: “Yeah, you’d really class up Washington. (Cue a picture of the “Trump White House.”)

Click below to play video.

Jon Stewart

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