THROWDOWN: Jon Stewart Dares Glenn Beck To Come On His Show

Jon Stewart

Yesterday morning on the Today show Glenn Beck countered some harsh questioning from Meredith Vieira about rhetoric by advising her to ask the same question of Jon Stewart.

Now, it’s no secret Jon Stewart is dying to have Glenn Beck on his show.  He’s said in prior interviews he’s tried to book him to no avail. 

So he’s trying a new tact!

“Glenn!  Here’s the thing my man, you don’t have to tell Meredith Vieira to ask me, ask me yourself!”

His strategy? “Come drop a load on Jon Stewart!”  And to sweeten the deal: a chalkboard!

Plus, one of those “five-pronged coloured chalk things,” because “I know you love the teaching!”

“Imagine! You could get five people connected to George Soros.”

Watch Stewart’s invite below.  The question remains whether Stewart would be up to the challenge if Beck took him up on the invite: he’s never been all that strong on the contentious face-to-face interview.  In the meantime, dare to dream.


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