JON STEWART: Fox News Uses "Nazi" The Way 16-year Olds Use "Like"

Jon Stewart

As we noted yesterday nothing is more mutually beneficial to O’Reilly and Stewart than an extended back and forth.

Easy content!

So it shouldn’t be a surprise last night that Jon Stewart spent a segment breaking down the entire Fox-News-Bill-O’Reilly-Steve-Cohen-Nazi controversy in a couple of sentences.

This is all you need to know.

Two nights ago, Bill O’Reilly came out and said on his show that his use of “Nazi” in 2008 to describe HuffPo commenters was justified.

Oh really?  Well, O’Reilly wants to go there, perhaps he should (as we also suggested yesterday) devote some of his excoriating abilities to reading Fox Nation’s comments.

They are equally as bad. 

However!  “As truly bad as these blog posts are that doesn’t make even the people making these comments Nazis or even Nazi sympathizers.”

“Everybody thinks they have a good reason. It’s like speeding. I yelled at Steve Cohen for speeding. Megyn Kelly yelled at Steve Cohen for speeding, and then she said, ‘Good thing we don’t speed.’

Then I said, ‘Look at all the f*cking speeding going on right there!’

And then you said, ‘You took that out of context — I was late.’

I gotta tell you Bill — you’re late a lot.”

At the end, Stewart broke down and confessed that the truth was that he just wanted Megyn Kelly to notice him. “This is what happens when you try to get a pretty girl to call you.”

Video below.

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