JON STEWART: Anthony Weiner Apologized To Bill Clinton For 'Copyright Infringement'


Day five of the Anthony Weiner affair has come and gone, but Jon Stewart is still talking about it on The Daily Show.

The news of the day was that Weiner called Bill Clinton and apologized.

Stewart wondered why.

“WHAT? The Congressman had a sex scandal and had to call Bill Clinton to apologise? For what, copyright infringement? A patent violation?” Stewart said.

Actually, the real news of the day was Weiner’s wife’s pregnancy, but that story broke too late to include it in the program. Instead, Stewart was forced to talk about Facebook messages the Congressman sent to a Las Vegas blackjack dealer.

Weiner’s words: “Why choose? With me behind you, can’t we both watch The Daily Show?”

“You want me to cut my wrists again?” Stewart asked.

A dude without a shirt played “These Are My favourite Things” on the saxophone to get the viewing audience in the mood for love. “One of our cameramen,” Stewart said.

The host then revealed the man on the program September 16, 2010 — the day Weiner was sext messaging the dealer — was none other than Bill Clinton. You can’t make this stuff up.

Video below.

The Daily Show – The Wangover
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