JON STEWART: Congress Wants To Write A 'F*ck You Sarah Palin' Gun Law

Jon Stewart

It’s knee-jerk reaction time!

Jon Stewart, sort of picking up where Glenn Beck left off the other day, ran down some of five new gun legislation bills introduced following the Arizona tragedy that ranged from the impossible to the ridiculous.

An example: Rep. Brady is introducing a new bill making it illegal to use symbols that could be construed as threatening to members of Congress.

But since it’s already illegal to threaten members of Congress, Stewart asked, “How is this different?”

Rep. Robert Brady: “You can’t put a crosshair, you can’t put a bullseye on a member of congress, on a member of congress’s district.”


“So basically what you’re trying to do here is write a new federal law just to say ‘F*ck you’ to Sarah Palin.”

How long before that’s illegal too?

Video below.

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