Former NFL lineman who made $46 million and now works in the league office drives an Uber when he's bored

Former All-Pro NFL offensive lineman Jon Runyan is busy between working in the league office, doing radio and TV, and working in politics, but, like everyone else, he occasionally gets bored.

Runyan played 14 seasons in the NFL, made an estimated $US46 million, according to Sports Illustrated, served two terms as a U.S. representative for New Jersey, and is currently the NFL’s Vice President of Policy and Rules Administration.

But as noted on Philadelphia Eagles blog Crossing Broad, it appears Runyan also drives an Uber. Runyan confirmed to Philly Voice’s Matt Mullin that he does so when he has little else to do.

“I think one of the best things — it’s actually in their commercial — is you can pretty much do it whenever you want,” Runyan said. “So it’s not like you — you’re actually punching a clock, but on your own time. It’s a hell of a business model.”

Runyan said he’s probably driven an Uber seven to 10 times since registering with the site in December. He told Mullin that he will hop in his car when he has nothing going on.

“Sometimes you’ll just be sitting around the house, my girls are out doing what they do, and the wife and I are sitting there like, ‘Are we doing anything tonight?’ and she’ll be like, ‘No.’ So I’ll say that I’m going to go open the Uber app and see if anyone needs a ride.”

Runyan said he has driven Eagles fans who eventually recognise him, either by face, voice, or size — he is 6-foot-7, 330 lb.

Runyan told Mullins that he isn’t interested in coaching because he likes his free time, which is perhaps why he has done so much since retiring in 2010. With that free time, he can perhaps log more time driving for Uber.

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