OOPS! Jon Huntsman Is Losing To Stephen Colbert In South Carolina


[credit provider=”Viacom”]

In a new poll native South Carolinian Stephen Colbert was pitted against the GOP candidates running there in the primary later this month.Turns out voters there would prefer Colbert over Jon HuntsmanBehold:

  • Mitt Romney – 27%
  • Newt Gingrich – 23%
  • Rick Santorum – 18%
  • Ron Paul – 8%
  • Rick Perry – 7%
  • Stephen Colbert – 5%
  • Jon Huntsman – 4%
  • Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer – 1%

Colbert has been inserting himself in this year’s election in unusual but formidable ways.  Earlier last year he successfully launched his own PAC and in December he offered to pay for the South Carolina GOP debate if they gave him naming rights (after some serious discussion the S.C. GOP turned down the offer).

Huntsman meanwhile came out of yesterday’s New Hampshire primary a disappointing third, though in his concession speech promised to push on to South Carolina.