Jon Hilsenrath Just Taught Rick Santelli A Good Lesson About Journalism During A Rowdy Segment On CNBC

john hilsenrath, rick santelli

The chief economic correspondent for the Wall Street Journal Jon Hilsenrath and CNBC’s outspoken correspondent Rick Santelli just got in a really heated exchange on CNBC moments ago. 

Hilsenrath is the Washington, D.C-based correspondent for the Journal who responsible for covering the Federal Reserve.  It’s widely believed that he has better access to Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and the rest of the Fed than anyone out there.  He even has the nickname “Fed Wire.” 

Because of this, Santelli ripped into Hilsenrath for being “sourced” and not asking tough questions.

Hilsenrath then gave Santelli a lesson in journalism. 

“Of course I’m sourced. Every good journalist should be,” he told Santelli. 

Santelli then argued that Hilsenrath doesn’t hold people accountable.  

“Part of me holding people accountable is holding you accountable Rick,” Hilsenrath shot back.

Hilsenrath got Santelli again at the end of the interview.  

“Where are all the bad things that you have been saying are going to happen?”


We’ll post the video shortly.  

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