Don Draper’s Real-Life Girlfriend Wins Ratings Battle—Again


Mad Men star Jon Hamm and his girlfriend of 11 years Jennifer Westfeldt are currently going head-to-head in the ratings, with Hamm’s three episode guest-starring arc on 30 Rock facing off against Westfeldt’s guest run on Grey’s Anatomy. The two have been downplaying their competition, though, ever since they were asked about it at the Golden Globes. And now we know why: It’s not so much of a competition as a rout.

Unfortunately, Jen’s on one of the most popular shows on TV and Jon’s not. So, for the second week in a row, Jen crushed her boyfriend in the ratings.

Grey’s scored 15.7 million viewers during the 9 o’clock hour to 30 Rock’s 7.6 million from 9:30-10, according to Nielsen. We don’t have the half-hour breakdown for Grey’s, so it’s not exactly a fair comparison.

No word on how Jon and Jen handled last night’s matchup (Which show did they watch? Which did they TiVo? Did they TiVo both or wait to watch them on and Hulu?) Last week, they did the diplomatic thing and watched neither. Instead, they went to see Will Ferrell’s You’re Welcome America on Broadway and mingled with the other guests and SNL castmembers at the afterparty at New York club M2. Trust us; we were there.

But when we talked to them before the show, they seemed to be taking the face-off in stride. “We’re battling, but we’re here together tonight, so it’s all good,” Jen said, smiling.