CASTING CALL: Here's What The "Bridesmaids" Bunch Is Up To Next

jon hamm

Last week’s casting saw a dearth of female bookings, but the women came back strong this week — Eva Mendes and Kate Winslet chose their next roles.

Plus, Billy Bob Thornton is staffing up the first pic he’s directed in nearly 10 years — and Rob Lowe is going from “Parks and Rec” nice guy to real-life psychopath.

And several “Bridesmaids” stars are cashing in on their box office victory.

HBO and Darren Star are developing a new series for Goldie Hawn -- based on the book The Viagra Diaries.

And so did Kevin Bacon.

A Lifetime movie on suspected murderer Drew Peterson has snagged some big names: Rob Lowe will play Peterson.

Nia Vardalos will star in a new film out of the American Girl franchise.

Now check out the stunning offices of Popular Mechanics.

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