Don Draper Isn't Going Anywhere: Jon Hamm Just Inked A Three-Year "Mad Men" Deal


Millions of “Mad Men” fans can breathe easy — Jon Hamm just signed a contract that will keep him on the AMC drama for at least three more years.

The deal brings a nice sense of stability to fans, who endured painful squabbling between show creator Matthew Weiner, AMC and Lionsgate earlier this year.

It also reportedly brings Hamm a fat paycheck.

He’ll be making $250,000 per episode by the time the deal tops out.

He currently makes $100,000 per episode.

So where does the new deal put him among TV’s highest-earning male leads?

His co-star, Charlie Sheen, famously pulled in $2 million an episode -- but at a rate of $550,000 per ep, Jon Cryer is no schlump himself.

McDreamy has been good to Patrick Dempsey -- he makes $250,000 per episode.

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