Jon Friedman: Disney Should Sell ABC To Bloomberg

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Disney may be looking to sell ABC in the near future. But unfortunately for them, broadcast networks aren’t really a hot commodity right now.

Disney will likely come up empty-handed in its potential search for buyers, and here’s why, according to Jon Friedman at MarketWatch:

  • Cable, DVRs, Hulu, and YouTube continue to gobble up the broadcast network’s advertising revenue
  • These TV alternatives are also precisely why no one in their right mind is currently in the market for a broadcast network
  • ABC’s lineup continues to take hits in the ratings
  • The network will also be unwilling to part with its cash cow, ESPN. (What made GE’s NBC so attractive to Comcast was its profitable cable channels like Bravo and USA). Read more at MarketWatch >

What could happen instead?

Friedman proposes that Disney sell off the recently scaled-down ABC News to Bloomberg L.P., who could then leverage the network’s on-air content similarly to CNBC and NBC News. 

Not a bad idea.  Bloomberg is, after all, now in the business of purchasing battered media outlets.

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