Here come JOLTS ...

The latest Job Openings and Labour Turnover Survey from the Bureau of Labour Statistics will be released at 10 a.m. ET.

Economists estimate that there were 5.45 million job openings in the US economy in March, according to Bloomberg.

That would be less than a hair higher than the prior total of 5.445 million, and would show that the series remains near a record high.

The JOLTS report, one of Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s favourites on the labour market, will also include the quits rate, which could indicate how confident workers are in finding new jobs.

Friday’s jobs report for April was mixed, as the headline number of job gains came in fewer than expected at 160,000. Some economists said that on balance, it indicated that the pool of unemployed workers is shrinking even as some companies slow down hiring on growth concerns.

We’ll have the latest at the top of the hour, so refresh this page for updates.

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