Joking Around Can Help You Get Through Those Long Hours At Work

Photo: Scott Barbour / Getty Images.

Humour can help you get through those long, tedious hours at work, a new study has found.

David Cheng, associate lecturer at the University of NSW School of Management, has found humour and making light of a situation can help employees see a task through even after they’ve been working for hours on end.

Cheng recruited 72 undergraduate students to participate in the study and found humour also helps people persist at tasks longer compared to other positive emotions, such as contentment.

“We normally think of joking around as being the antithesis of work and that carrying out one’s work should always be very serious,” he said

He said humour can be helpful in a work environment because it makes employees feel good when things are tough.

“Our findings suggest that humour may be more powerful than other positive emotions,” he said.