Johnny Manziel Has Stopped His Partying Ways In Cleveland, Only Goes To Practice And Chipotle

Training camps are now open in the NFL and a lot of eyes are focused on Johnny Manziel and whether his talents and personality will translate to the NFL.

While we will have to wait to see if he can play, Manziel appears to be a different person in Cleveland than the social media superstar that we saw in college or this summer leading up to his rookie season.

Bob Holtzman was on ESPN Radio and explained the other Johnny Manziel, the one most fans don’t see.

“He’s been, at least [the Browns’] experience so far, has been that he has been a different guy when he has been here in Cleveland,” said Holtzman. “When he has been here at mini-camp and OTAs (Organised Team Activities), he has been at the hotel. He has been at the facility. He says the only place he has gone is Chipotle. He has been focused. He has been quiet. He has been taking notes. He has talked about earning his place. He has been a different guy when he has been with the Browns.”

According to Holtzman, this is exactly what Browns coach Mike Pettine has expected.

“Pettine has said this a number of times,” said Holtzman. “Now that training camp has started they expect Manziel to be a different guy. He doesn’t have the ability to go away for the weekend anymore. He’s going to be here.”

In some ways, maybe being drafted by Cleveland was a blessing in disguise for Manziel. While any city is going to have a nightlife, the temptations in Cleveland won’t be the same as if Manziel was drafted by a team in cities such as New York or Miami and Manziel will at least have the best environment in which to take on the NFL.

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