The NFL World Was Blown Away By Johnny Manziel's Pro Day

Johnny Manziel held his Pro Day at Texas A&M on Thursday.

He threw 66 passes of varying type and distance to unguarded receivers while a bevy of NFL scouts and executives watched.

There were 75 NFL personnel in attendance. They were blown away by what they saw.

According to, Johnny Football completed 64 of his 66 passes.

“His deep balls: great touch, great trajectory,” said NFL Network’s Kurt Warner. “If I looked at the starting quarterback in the National Football League, 20 of the starting quarterbacks can’t do those things.”

Mike Mayock, NFL Network’s top draft analyst, agreed.

“The one thing that I take away today — outside of arms strength and progressions and technical football — and this might be the most important takeaway for me is I think the kid loves competition,” he said.

Manziel is one of three quarterbacks vying to become the top QB in the 2014 NFL Draft. Blake Bortles of UCF has climbed up draft boards in recent months, while Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, who was once considered the best offensive prospect in the draft, has faded a bit.

Some more reactions from around the football world:

Manziel was considered an early 1st-round pick before his Pro Day, and today should help even more.

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