Johnny Manziel Signs So Many Autographs Because He Got Snubbed By Tiger Woods As A Kid

NCAA is investigating Johnny Manzielover accusations that he sold his autograph, ESPN reported last night.

In light of the reported investigation, a small detail from Wright Thompson’s ESPN The Magazine profile of Manziel looks much more important.

According to Thompson, Manziel is so committed to signing autographs because he was once snubbed by Tiger Woods as a kid.

Manziel was supposed to meet Woods at the Isleworth Country Club clubhouse in Florida, but he never showed up.

Now he signs every autograph he can — so much so that his therapist told him to limit his autograph signing to 30 minutes per week, according to Thompson

From the ESPN profile:

“So Johnny signed everything, no matter how much he grumbled and cursed with a pen in his hand. Whenever he’d see his parents, they’d always have a carload of things to autograph. They hated it, and he did too. But they seemed compelled by manners, and obligation, and one autograph didn’t seem like that big a deal.”

Players are allowed to sign autographs, they just can’t make money off of them. The only thing that’s clear right now is Manziel — motivated by the childhood trauma of the Tiger snub, reportedly — signed a ton of autographs.

ESPN reports that the memorabilia market was “flooded” with an overwhelming amount of Manziel autographed items last March.

At the time, Texas A&M released a statement saying Manziel never accepted money for them. But the sheer number of items raised eyebrows.

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