Johnnie Walker Unveils A New Scotch Blend -- The 'Platinum Label'

Scotch lovers rejoice — Johnnie Walker has unveiled the new Platinum Label blended scotch-whiskey.

Platinum Label will sell for $US110, fitting squarely between the scotch maker’s flagship Black Label and its top-shelf Blue Label.

It will reach shelves this month.

Forbes’ Larry Olmsted got a taste and had this to say:

It is appreciably richer than the Black Label, my longtime standard for blended Scotch, with a fatter mouth feel. In many ways it drinks more like a light single malt than a blend, except smoother. It is not overly woody, and despite the tasting notes, has just a background edge of peat and smoke, very little compared to Islay malts, but definitely more than the Red or Black. It’s layered enough where I would drink it neat, as I do withal single malts (and as I sampled it), whereas I almost always drink blended Scotches, including Red and Black, on the rocks. It also has a great finish, and for some time after I tasted it, my tongue kept reminding me how much I enjoyed it. I have not tried Blue Label in quite a while but if memory serves me, the Platinum is even richer and more complex, as the Blue is light in colour and exceptionally smooth.

At its price point, the Platinum will actually be a cheaper option than some of its finer 18-year-old contemporaries Glenlivet and Macallan, which can run around $US200 (though those brands are single-malt while the Platinum is a blend).

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