John Winning May Lose His $5 Million Dream Home To NSW's Light Rail Project: Report

Appliances Online’s 29-year-old founder John Winning may lose his $5 million dream home to NSW’s light rail project, BRW reports today.

Caitlin Fitzsimmons of BRW reports that Winning is months from moving into the converted Surry Hills warehouse after 7 years of work.

But he was contacted by Transport NSW last week and told that his house is on the favourite of of three proposed routes for a light rail project from Circular Quay to Kingsford, and could be subject to compulsory acquisition by the state.

The 1100-square-metre space was formerly a furniture showroom and now features an indoor pool, three guest suites, a cinema, and a double-story indoor garden.

“It’s a dream I’ve been working on through my whole 20s and I’ve basically poured every dollar I have into the place,” Winning told BRW.

“I don’t have a wife or kids or even a girlfriend, and what I make, I like to spend and enjoy and share with my friends.”

There’s more, and a video of Winning describing his dream home, on BRW.

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