The Insulting Lines A John Thomas Financial Broker Might Use When A Client Wants To Speak To His Wife


Buzzfeed’s Mariah Summers has obtained a copy of John Thomas Financial’s “Golden Pitchbook” — a compilation of cold calling scripts/scenarios for the firm’s most senior brokers. 

In case you’re not already familiar, John Thomas is the brokerage firm founded and run by “Wall Street 2” actor Anastasios “Tommy” Belesis.

The brokerage was recently the subject of a Bloomberg News report about how the “Red Bull-fed” brokers are forced to stand for 14 hours a day.

Belesis, who played Shia LeBeouf’s managing director in Oliver Stone’s film, was also recently charged by the SEC and FINRA.  FINRA’s complaint alleged that Belesis threatened to run over people with a car who disagreed with how he does business.

The “Golden Pitchbook” Buzzfeed found is full of possible scenarios and responses for the brokers.  For example, if a client said he wasn’t liquid, a broker would tell them they could come up with the money or if a client requested more information about a stock the broker would say they already did all the research.  

Here are the possible responses for brokers mentioned in the book for when one of JFT’s clients wants to speak to his wife before buying a stock.  


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