John Stossel: Why Goldman Sachs Is Good For America

John Stossel

John Stossel launches his new show on Fox Business Network this Thursday, and in a wide-ranging interview, the staunch liberarian tells The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove what he really thinks about the Obama Administration: “Arrogant expanders of government.”

Meanwhile, why Fox Biz?

Look, it’s a startup. It’s time in life, after 28 years at ABC, to do something new. People used to ask me: Why don’t you go on Fox, because you’d be happier there? And my answer was I’ve got 15 million people, and Fox has under a million. But when I left, 20/20 had maybe five or six million. Bill O’Reilly, including his reruns, is pretty close to that. So the difference is not so big anymore.

On Goldman Sachs:

They in some cases haven’t added much to the economy, but most of their work is figuring out how to get rich and the way they do that is send capital to the businesses they think will grow best. By doing that, they help America.

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