Man Sues Bank Of America For Allegedly Giving Him A Heart Attack

A 61-year-old has filed a lawsuit claiming Bank of America lost his mortgage payment and then harassed him so much he had a heart attack,
WSOC-TV Charlotte reports.

After his mortgage was lost, John Stecher allegedly started getting calls from bank employees who warned him that his “credit history would be negatively impacted.” They also said he was “in jeopardy of foreclosure,” according to the lawsuit.

Stecher says he finally went to the bank and begged the manager to find his payment. He then became short of breath and had to be rushed to the hospital, according to WSOC-TV. He was in good health before that day, and his doctors blamed the attack on stress, the lawsuit alleges.

His lawyer, Paul Goodson, told the TV station that his client is suing for “any amount to get their attention to pay more attention to their customers and their own mistakes.”

Bank of America had no comment on the suit, according to WSOC-TV.

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