John Squires: iPad Is Big And Beautiful But It's Too Expensive

John Squires

John Squires, the former Time Inc. executive who is creating standards, a publishing platform and “Hulu for magazines” storefront for Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corporation and Time Inc., started a new WordPress blog on the website of his company, Next Issue Media

In one of his first entries, Squires considers the Apple iPad’s potential for publishers:

It’s a beautiful looking device, but most important to publishers of magazines, newspapers and illustrated books is it’s 9.7″ size and its high quality screen. The photos from SI’s tablet prototype should pop beautifully on the iPad, and fashion magazine editors should be equally pleased with the reproduction of their art. While I haven’t had a first-hand look at how it renders type, I presume it’s sharp. So all the elements are in place for a terrific colour reading experience. And I’m delighted Apple has stepped up by setting a high bar for the industry. It will be great to see what other devices come to market this season!

I also welcome the introduction of a product with a lower price point. While high-end users will need the expensive machine with 3G connectivity, it’s important to remember that many people are enjoying published content today on the iTouch. Hopefully, we will see even lower price options to further expand the market.

Next Issue Media LLC, is the “working company name,” according to Squires. They are developing a new one for consumers that should be announced in March or April.

They have set up shop at 711 Third Avenue, and hired a small staff, including Deede Dickson, who is working on PR, web development and publisher relations; Jessica Cohen, who is working on business development; and Margie McNulty, who “keeps us all on schedule and happy,” according to Squires.

He added that Next Issue Media is looking for a technology and product experience candidates.

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