Check Out The Photo Shoot John Paulson's Did In His Younger Days

by Christophe van Hoenberg

The John Paulson we all know and love is, of course, the 50-something hedge fund superstar who bet on the collapse of the subprime market and came out a billionaire.We also knew Paulson’s been a party animal for years because we read Greg Zuckerman’s The Greatest Trade Ever, a book that profiles Paulson’s life and the trade that made him famous. It says Paulson always loved the Hamptons, rode his motorcycle

by Christophe van Hoenberg

to parties – baller stuff like that.But. We were not aware of the charm and thick flow of hair that emanated from Paulson in his younger days. 

Check out this photo shoot from… we don’t know when. We stumbled on it in a two-year old Hamptons Style article thanks to a tweet from @tvjournal.

by Christophe van Hoenberg

Paulson is a freaking animal in these pics – dancing, grooving, posing for the camera, not posing for the camera.

Look at him go!

Whenever they’re from and whatever their purpose, these pics are a great way to start the week.

by Christophe van Hoenberg

The full pictures are in Hamptons Style, to see them click here >

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