John Paulson Makes In 2 Minutes What Navy SEALs Make In a Year


Because he’s one of the richest people in the U.S. right now, everyone loves to compare John Paulson’s pay to other bodies of workers’.

So not surprisingly, today, people are comparing what Paulson makes to what Navy Seals (presumably their pay is similar to team of badasses on the SEAL Team 6, the heroes who killed Bin Laden) make.

It breaks down like this:

If we assume a 3000 hour work year (presumably he had to put in some overtime), Paulson had to work about 2 minutes to earn as much as a Navy Seal does in a year.

Of course, this statistic is kind of funny because you can’t really compare what John Paulson has to what the SEAL Team 6 have. Paulson doesn’t get to die a hero.

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