John Paulson Book: How To Make $3.7 Billion a Year

John Paulson pocketed $3.7 billion from predicting the housing collapse and shorting the mortgage market. Now Forbes’ 165th richest man (and climbing) will be the star of his very own book (NY Post):

Wall Street Journal reporter Greg Zuckerman snagged one of the early interviews with hedge fund manager John Paulson in January, and now Zuckerman’s parlayed that story into a six-figure advance from the Doubleday imprint of Random House to write “The Greatest Trade Ever.”…

“It’s not a book about the housing crisis, it’s about a trade that will be remembered on Wall Street for a long time,” said agent David McCormick at McCormick & Williams.

Paulson, meanwhile, appears to be getting ready to call the bottom in the financials and bet big on them. For the economy’s sake, let’s hope he’s right again.

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