John Oliver investigates the suspect business tactics at Trump University

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HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” on Sunday took another look at presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump and one of his business ventures that’s prompting lawsuits and scepticism.

In February, Oliver dedicated an entire show to Trump, which concluded with the comedian unleashing the Donald Drumpf website (one biographer claims Drumpf was at one time the Trump family name).

This time, Oliver directed his attention at Trump University, which has come back into the news as Trump has verbally attacked the judge who is presiding over the lawsuits related to the university. Trump has pointed out that the judge is of Mexican heritage. 

The segment points out that the Trump University cases comprise just a fraction of at least 3,500 lawsuits either Trump or one of his companies has been involved in over the last three decades (unprecedented for any presidential candidate). 

But delving into what went on behind the scenes at Trump University, you can understand why the school is in hot water.

First off, the New York attorney general found that the school isn’t even a university and in a deposition from Trump, he admits he didn’t “handpick” instructors for the school, as he states in promotional videos. 

In fact, Oliver’s segment points out that instructors included a former salesman for Lowe’s and a manager for Buffalo Wild Wings.

Then there’s the playbook the instructors were given, which includes gems like ways to upsell students to more expensive courses. Instructors facing pushback about prices were told to remind students that “Trump is the best.”

The segment highlights one former student, Carmen Mendez, who paid $35,000 for the courses and didn’t even get to meet Trump. Another former student noted that though students were promised a picture with Trump, it “turned out to be a cardboard cutout” of the real-estate mogul. 

The segment shows a clip of Trump saying in an interview that 98% of the people who took Trump University courses approved of them.

Turns out, the students filled out cards on what they thought of the courses while “still expecting to receive future benefits from the program.”

Oliver closes the segment by stating that the only experience worse than attending Trump University would be realising, “Oh s–t, he’s got 3 years, 364 days left in his first term.”

Watch the complete segment below:

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