John Oliver rants about superhero movies and pitches his own mock-superhero

John oliverHBOJohn Oliver.

While his “Last Week Tonight” show is off for the week, John Oliver took an opportunity Sunday to rip into superhero movie franchises and pitch his own self-mocking superhero in a new web segment. 

First, Oliver gave humorous nicknames to this year’s slew of comic book-inspired blockbusters — including “Mean Spiderman” (“Deadpool”), “Sadman vs. Supersadman” (“Batman v. Superman”), and “The Insane Clown Posse Takes Manhattan” (“Suicide Squad”). 

Then, as a proposed relief for fans who are “fatigued” by the Marvel and DC Comics universe film adaptations, Oliver unveiled his own hero: Johnny Strong. 

Oliver said he created the crudely drawn, self-parodying comic in 5th grade. 

“Johnny Strong is a kickass hero with a bad attitude,” Oliver said. “He’s seen a boob, and he knows what the F-word is.”

At the very least — unlike “Batman v. Superman” — “Johnny Strong” isn’t completely humorless and self-serious.

Watch the segment below, via HBO:

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