John Oliver argues why 'Trump is Oprah's fault'

John oliver seth meyers donald trump oprah winfrey late night nbc‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’/NBC; YouTube‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ on Monday, February 13, 2017.

Although Seth Meyers recently claimed he’s responsible for Donald Trump’s rise to the US presidency, John Oliver reasoned that Oprah Winfrey should take the credit for the reality star and real estate mogul’s ascent to power.

HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” host appeared on Monday’s episode of Meyers’ “Late Night” when Meyers referred to Trump as “the most powerful man in the world” and said that it was “a natural progression for him.”

“Sure, because he has always pretended to be that way,” Oliver responded. “He’s always acted like the most powerful man in the world. That’s how he carries himself. Through his, I’m sure, childhood as well, he kind of dons the disposition of the most powerful man in the world. Now he actually has the power to go along with that. It’s like ‘The Secret’ was real and it worked for one person. And unfortunately, it was him.”

Oliver is referring to the widely popular documentary film and resulting 2006 best-selling self-help book, “The Secret,” which was made popular by Winfrey on her former daytime talk show. It covered the Law of Attraction, a spiritual practice based on visualising the life and things that one wants in order to bring them into reality.

“What I’m saying is Trump is Oprah’s fault,” Oliver said. “If she just said, ‘You know, I read this book. But you know what, it’s bulls—, seems like problems are much more systemic than this book really implies.’ And he’s going, ‘No, I can do it. I can will this into life.'”

Watch the video below:

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