'The Daily Show' Blasts Justice Scalia — 'The Justice Whose Name Most Resembles A GI Joe Villain'

John Oliver Justice Scalia

John Oliver and “The Daily Show” celebrated the U.S. proverbially “coming out of the closet” after two favourable Supreme Court rulings on gay-marriage related issues.

Oliver, who is filling in as host for Jon Stewart this summer, quickly got around to mocking Justice Antonin Scalia and his condescension-heavy dissent on the Supreme Court’s striking down of the defence of Marriage Act

Oliver called Scalia “the justice whose name most resembles a G.I. Joe villain,” and he mocked Scalia’s use of the term “argle-bargle” in his dissent.

“That’s a little harsh,” Oliver said. “Isn’t it? Or, is it? I don’t know what that means.

“I think Supreme Court scholars are going to have a tough time interpreting that in the future. ‘Argle-bargle’ could mean he’s angry. It could mean he’s choking on a pen top. It could mean he was scuba-diving at the time and trying to communicate via Sonar.”

Watch the clip below:

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