John Oliver says Meghan Markle should watch Netflix's 'The Crown' before she marries into an 'emotionally stunted group of fundamentally flawed people'

NetflixNetflix’s ‘The Crown.’
  • On “The Late Show,” comedian John Oliver told host Stephen Colbert that he wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan Markle backed out of her wedding to Prince Harry at the last minute.
  • Oliver suggested that she watch Netflix’s “The Crown” to get an idea of what her life will be like in the British royal family.
  • Oliver hopes Markle likes it, because it’s “going to be weird.”

John Oliver has a suggestion for American actress Meghan Markle, who is just a few months away from marrying into British royalty.

On “The Late Show” Wednesday, Oliver told host Stephen Colbert that to properly prepare herself for what her life will be like when she marries Prince Harry, Markle should watch Netflix’s “The Crown.”

When Colbert asked Oliver if he’s excited for the Royal Wedding, Oliver said “no.”

“I would not blame her if she pulled out of this at the last minute,” Oliver said. “I don’t think you need to have just seen the pilot episode of ‘The Crown’ to get a basic sense of, she might be marrying into a family that could cause her some emotional complications.”

“But this generation seems like nice people,” Colbert replied. “They’re all nice, right?”

After hesitating, Oliver said, “Yeah … they’re an emotionally stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a very silly pseudo-job. That’s what she’s marrying into. So, I hope she likes it. It’s going to be weird for her. I would not marry into the royal family,” he said. “I’m a commoner. I would not be welcome, especially after what I just said.”

Markle and Prince Harry will marry on May 19 at Windsor Castle.

Watch the full segment below:

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