John Oliver responds to mean and hilarious internet comments

To hold viewers over while “Last Week Tonight” is off the air for two weeks, the HBO show posted a video of host John Oliver addressing viewer comments from YouTube.

Though there were some pretty mean comments, Oliver, for the most part, kept his sense of humour. He started with comments about his eyebrows.

“I would like to share some of my favourite comments, not all of which are hateful,” Oliver said. “In fact, one viewer even wrote, ‘John Oliver has magnificent eyebrows,’ which I appreciated, and I’ll tell you why, because no one has called any part of my body magnificent. Ever.”

Apparently, his eyebrows get a lot of attention from viewers. Another commenter wrote, “John Oliver’s eyebrows are alien caterpillars and move independently of each other.”

Again, Oliver found the silver lining.

“That’s ok. That does still technically fall under the umbrella of magnificent. There’s no more magnificent eyebrow than one that is sentient and moves independently,” the host said. “So you know what? Sorry Cara Delevingne, I’m the new queen of eyebrow thickness. Step off. Step off, Cara!”

Things started heating up when one commenter said Oliver “looks like a mix of a Pokémon and a child molester.” To which the host responded that there was already a Pokémon character that fit that description: Gengar.

“Look at that creep!” Oliver yelled.

He then shared a couple comments that said he “badly missed the mark.” But the ultimate comment came in the form of a bet for a “zillion dollars,” which Oliver gladly accepted.

“To the rest of you, I will see you never. I don’t need this s— anymore,” he said of the bet. “I’m a zillionaire now!”

Watch the segment below:

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