Watch John Oliver make fun of patent trolls on ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver patent trolls

John Oliver is not a fan of patent trolls.

In the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver skewers patent trolls, or companies that make most of their money not from producing goods or providing services, but by amassing the rights to numerous patents and suing as many people as possible.

Oliver takes careful aim at these companies, pointing out how they don’t even deserve the name “troll,” as it’s insulting to the fictional trolls in literature and movies who actually do something.

“Most of these companies don’t produce anything, they just shake down anyone who does, so calling them trolls is a little misleading — at least trolls actually do something, they control bridge access for goats and ask fun riddles. Patent trolls just threaten to sue the living s— out of people, and believe me, those lawsuits add up.”

You can watch Oliver’s full 11-minute takedown of patent trolls in the video below (via The Next Web).

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