John Oliver Humiliates Both Sides Of The Scottish Independence Campaign

John oliver scottishYouTubeJohn Oliver with a unicorn and Scottish bagpipers.

Comedian John Oliver took on both sides of the tense Scottish independence debate during his Sunday night program. Among other things, the British late-night host compared Scotland to Ronald Weasley from the “Harry Potter” series.

Oliver started off by mocking the Scottish people’s judgment after naming their official animal the unicorn.

“Who knew you were allowed to do that? Pick a fictional animal? Yeah, America’s probably kicking itself for choosing a bald eagle now, aren’t you? You could have picked a wookie in a top hat,” Oliver quipped.

Scotland is set to vote on the independence issue this Thursday. If they do, Oliver also warned the potential fledgling country that it could run into currency issues.

“They could lose the pound. And that’s not nothing. Because if they do, they’d even have to join the currently unstable euro or revert to Scotland’s old currency, which I believe was sheep and threats,” Oliver said, switching to a thick Scottish accent. “I’ll give ya three sheep for it and a punch in the face!”

But Oliver saved even more of his barbs for the anti-independence movement, calling attention to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “posh” English background and the campaign’s allegedly sexist ads.

“He embodies all of the things I hate most about England,” Oliver said of Cameron, “and I’m English!”

Watch the full segment of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” below.

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