John Oliver: The most important thing in James Comey's testimony

On Sunday night’s “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver speculated that James Comey knows a lot more about President Donald Trump’s relations to Russia than he let on at last week’s Senate testimony. 

“The most tantalising moments may turn out to be the things that Comey didn’t or wasn’t able to say,” Oliver said.

Oliver then rolled a clip from the testimony in which Comey refused to respond in an open setting to the question, “Do you believe Donald Trump colluded with Russia?”

“Yeah, I can’t answer that question here,” Oliver said, pretending to be Comey. “Although I have been screaming the word ‘yes’ into this paper bag for the last four weeks.”

Oliver mentioned Trump’s press conference following the Comey testimony, in which he offered to testify himself.

“I cannot explain his behaviour,” Oliver said. “Jane Goodall could not explain his behaviour. She could watch Trump for a decade and eventually conclude, ‘I don’t know, I think it’s a cocktail of insecurity, horniness, and malice. But which is in control of which is beyond me. I miss the integrity and emotional intelligence of the apes.'”

But Oliver says that the most “pathetic” response to the Comey testimony didn’t come from Trump, but from House Speaker Paul Ryan, a man Oliver says proves that “you can live a normal, happy life without a spine.” Ryan defended Trump by saying that he is “just new to this.”

You can watch John Oliver below:


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