John Oliver thinks you should be ‘f—ing outraged’ by Donald Trump’s scandals

John oliver on scandals

John Oliver and his team reviewed the major scandals circling this year’s presidential candidates and found that Donald Trump’s were far more troublesome than Hillary Clinton’s.

For the Democratic candidate, Oliver zeroed in on Clinton’s use of a private server while she was Secretary of State and the potential conflict of interest involving her charitable foundation.

In the case of the private server, Oliver summed up the FBI’s findings.

“While the FBI found Clinton and her staff ‘extremely careless,'” the host said, “they said they couldn’t ‘find a case that would support bringing criminal charges. So it’s not good, but it’s not as bad as it looks.”

In the case of Clinton’s foundation allegedly accepting donations that represented a conflict, Oliver detailed there were a few fishy donations that suggest Clinton could’ve voted for the purchase of Uranium that would have benefit ted donors to her foundation. But Clinton wasn’t involved in the deal and it had to be signed off by nine other government agencies.

“Basically, it’s complicated,” Oliver said. “And like the movie, ‘It’s Complicated,’ it probably would have been best for everyone if it had never happened, but no one broke the law.”

In the case of Trump, Oliver’s team looked into his refusal to release his tax records and his alleged use of his charitable foundation’s money for personal use.

In the case of the tax records, Trump has claimed that he’s in the middle of an audit and therefore not allowed to release his records. He has stuck to that story even when the IRS said there’s no ban on him releasing the forms while in an audit. 

“You’re just saying two unrelated things,” Oliver said of Trump’s claim that he can’t release his tax docs.

In the end, Oliver said that he and his team have only scratched the surface of Trump’s scandals. 

“The point is, this campaign has been dominated by scandals, but it is dangerous to think there’s an equal number on both sides,” Oliver said. “And you can be irritated by some of Hillary’s. That is understandable. But you should then be f—ing outraged by  Trump’s.”

Watch Oliver break down the presidential scandals below:

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