John Oliver hilariously skewers Chipotle

TV host and comedian John Oliver skewered Chipotle over its food safety problems on Sunday.

Oliver, the host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” ran down the laundry list of Chipotle’s problems from the last several months, including two E. Coli outbreaks, a couple norovirus outbreaks, and a salmonella outbreak.

He also showed a news clip saying health inspectors found a live bird inside one Florida Chipotle, and that the manager of the restaurant told investigators that he was aware of the bird and it was a regular nuisance.

But people are still eating at Chipotle, despite its problems.

Oliver showed a series of clips with customers professing their love for the Mexican chain.

Chipotle John OliverYouTube/HBOOliver showed a mock promotional video with fake footage of mice crawling across burritos.

“It’s just so good,” one customer says. “It’s my dirty little secret.”

Oliver appears incredulous at Americans’ undying love for their Chipotle burritos.

“They know it’s bad and they want it even more: Chipotle is now officially America’s emotionally abusive boyfriend,” Oliver quips.

Then Oliver introduces a mock promotional video for Chipotle, where an “employee” says, “If Chipotle could persuade America that 1,000-calorie burritos are healthy then we can do anything we damn well please.”

The video shows fake footage of birds and mice scrambling across Chipotle burritos.

“What are you gonna do, go to Taco Bell? I don’t think so,” the actor scoffs.

Watch the full clip.

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