John Oliver bashes Donald Trump's 'sarcastic' ISIS comments as 'bullsh--'

Since he dedicated an entire episode to the candidate, John Oliver hasn’t let Donald Trump slide by.

And¬†Trump’s alternating comments about ISIS and President Obama are no different.

On August 10, Trump declared that Obama is the “founder of ISIS” and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the “cofounder.”

“Wow. I’ll tell you what, I will give Trump this: At least he made sure to include Hillary as cofounder,” Oliver said on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight.” “Hashtag feminism, hashtag ISIS with her.”

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt essentially handed Trump an opportunity to take back his statement. Instead, Trump remained steadfast.

“Yes, sarcasm is a bullsh– excuse,” Oliver said. “It’s the douchebag’s apology.”¬†

Trump ultimately tweeted on August 12 that he was being sarcastic — only to refute that claim of sarcasm later the same day.

“What are you doing?! What are you doing?!” Oliver said while jumping up in his chair. “You know that riddle where there are two people: one who always lies and one who always tells the turth. Donald Trump is both of those at once.”

Watch the full clip:

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