John OIiver points out just how little Donald Trump knows about nuclear weapons

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John Oliver took some time on Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight” to examine Donald Trump’s recent comments on nuclear weapons policy.

Last week, Trump (or “America’s potential next president” as Oliver referred to him) said at a CNN Town Hall that he believes that countries under American protection should have their own nuclear weapons to relieve the burden of defending them, including Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

Oliver joked that “He says that with the confidence of a man who could easily find Saudi Arabia on a map if he was given three tries and the map only included countries ending with ‘Arabia.'”

This week, a nuclear summit is underway in Washington, D.C. and President Barack Obama was asked to address Trump’s statements.

“The person who made the statements doesn’t know much about foreign policy, or nuclear policy, or the Korean Peninsula, or the world generally,” Obama responded, without naming the real estate mogul-turned presidential candidate.

“President Obama is basically implying there that you could fill a book with the things Donald Trump doesn’t know,” Oliver translated. “That book being the encyclopedia.”

Watch the segment below:

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