Real Estate Millionaire John McGrath Says He Shielded His Business From The GFC By Turning Off The News

The multimillionaire founder of McGrath Estate Agents says his business grew by 30-40% a year during the GFC by choosing “not to participate” in negativity.

Speaking at a Macleay College event today, John McGrath urged budding entrepreneurs to treat a can-do attitude as an asset, and not to be distracted by events beyond their control.

McGrath Estate Agents reported an annual residential sales turnover of $5.9 billion from 6,616 sales in the 2012 financial year, up from $3.25 billion in 2009.

That’s not bad for someone who scored 95 out of 500 on the HSC and describes himself as having grown up “on the wrong side of the tracks”.

Here’s what he said:

Anything other than what you have control over has almost zero bearing on you life. GFC: the greatest excuse in history for people to perform badly in the last four years.

At the time, I said, ‘Don’t read the media. Every day is going to be bad. The Dow Jones is probably going to drop every single day.’

If the Dow Jones goes down 100 points last night, it’s none of your business unless you’re a share trader or have a huge portfolio of shares. But as a real estate agent or a laundromat owner or whatever it is you’ve decided to do, it’s actually not relevant.

Make sure you keep yourself away from the negative stuff. If you’re talking to me about bashing the government, that’s fair enough, but what solution are you proposing?

What’s the solution; how do we go forward? Whinging isn’t going to get us anywhere.

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