JOHN MCCAIN: Here Are 11 Things Obama Should Do About Ukraine Right Now

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, one of the Obama administration’s foremost critics on its approach to the crisis in Ukraine, released a list of 11 specific steps he thinks the administration should take to further punish Russia on Tuesday.

McCain’s statement came on the heels of the administration’s announcement of sanctions on seven Russian individuals and four Ukrainians the White House described as “cronies” of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. McCain and other Republicans have criticised the administration’s approach as too soft, but the Arizona Senator has been one of the few to offer specific ideas for additional steps the White House could take to push back against Putin.

McCain urged President Barack Obama to expand the sanctions and provide increased aid to Ukraine. He also called on Congress to pass a bill to change the International Monetary Fund to help direct aid to the Ukraine. The IMF bill stalled in the Senate last week due to Republican opposition, which prompted McCain to lash out at his colleagues. McCain also said the U.S. should increase oil and natural gas exports to European allies who rely on Russia for those natural resources.

Here are McCain’s 11 steps:

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